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Celtic Necklaces

Celtic Necklaces


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  • Style: Medieval
  • Brisingamen Goddess Freya Necklace Viking Quick view
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    Freyja "Brísingamen" Necklace


    Brísingamen Freyja Necklace Norse Mythology Viking

    This mythological necklace is composed of a gold colored torque adorned with finely detailed ( brass ) stampings, three faux amber cabochons ( resin ) and four small "fire opal" Swarovski crystals.

    In Norse mythology, Brísingamen (or Brísinga men) is the necklace of the goddess Freyja. According to the legend : when Freyja wore this necklace, man or god could not resist her charms. It goes without saying that the other goddesses were much worried about it ... ( more details with this Wikipedia link )

    This necklace closes with lobster clasp and extension chain.

    Brísingamen Goddess Freyja Necklace Viking Jewels

    Brísingamen Goddess Freyja Necklace Viking Jewelry

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