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Lights ... Camera ... Action !

In the previous gallery "Photoshoots and Collaborations", you could discover the finalized photos of the photographers with whom we had the chance to collaborate.
However, what you may not know is that we sometimes film a few short video sequences of the whole team at work. Eh yes !
Small videos that immortalize these moments in full "creative euphoria"  

Access all the Behind The Scenes Videos available on our  YOUTUBE Channel  by clicking on the images below.

Midsummer Night's Dream

July 2023

Tale of the white lady

October 2022

Steampunkly Yours

July 2022

Daughter of Valhalla

October 2021

Greetings from Pandemonium

July 2021

The Mermaid's Song

July 2021

Like in the movies ...

June 2021

Lady Knight

May 2021

Gorgons, the Myth of Medusa

September 2020

Woodland Dream

August 2020

The Guardian of Asgard

July 2020

Open Your Chakras

December 2019

Magical Tales

September 2019

Unicorn & Legend

August 2019

Valkyrie Spirit

August 2019

Ave Imperator

June 2019

Vampire Beauty

February 2019

The Lost Princess

November 2018

Angel Dream

April 2018

Lady Nemesis

March 2018

Fire Dancer

October 2017

Arabian Nights's Palace

September 2017

Princess of Persia

July 2017

Queen Pendragon

January 2017

Magic Spell

October 2016

Into the Wild

September 2016

Dragon Quest

August 2016

The depths of time

June 2016


March 2016

Once upon a time ... DonkeySkin

December 2015

The Lady of the Lake

September 2015

King Dragon

July 2015

Oriental Prince / Pharaoh

July 2015

Back to the Camelot's Castle

March 2015

Avalon's Kingdom

March 2015

Metamorphosis - Ecletic Magazine

September 2014


March 2012

Poète Maudit

September 2011

Queen Akasha

February 2011

Vanity of vanities

December 2010

The Witch Forest

July 2010