"Behind The Scenes" Videos

Lights ... Camera ... Action !

Did you ever ask yourself how goes on an alternative photoshoot ? From the "backstage" side, when all the team's efforts are busy and focused for a successful result.

What about the role of the talented photographer, the beautiful model and the precious makeup artist ? How do all these participants combine their arts and their know-how, a half-day time, to create an original and unique work ?

Discover these "behind the scenes" sessions and appreciate the hard work of our creatives teams in action. You will know everything - well almost - about the process of our photoshoots as if you were there for "real".

So ... let's come with us and enjoy your viewing on YouTube !

Find all the "Behind The Scenes" videos available on YouTube by clicking on the images below ... Thanks for watching :)

Vampire Beauty

February 2019

Lovely Ebeyne Moonlight perfectly embodies this delicious Vampire Lady, this gorgeous alternative model is pure sweetness in this Victorian Gothic role !

Donkey Skin ( the lost princess )

November 2018

Donkey Skin or the Lost Princess, a true fairy tale with the beautiful AenOr who was not afraid to brave the driving rain for this photo shoot in the forest.

Angel Dream

April 2018

It's certainly the world of dreams ... come and listen to the melody of the angelic Flora Faenix with her ethereal dress, feather jewelry and celestial harp.

Lady Nemesis

March 2018

Maybe is she a fallen angel ? In any case, Emeline Vu, our Lady Nemesis is a real Queen of the Night with black cloack, purple wings and silver feathered armor.

Fire Dancer

October 2017

Enter the strange world of Tiwy Chan Photography ... and go discover mysterious abandoned places in company of Luna Victoria Jade, the amazing FireDancer.

Arabian Nights's Palace

September 2017

Come visit the charms of Arabian Nights's Palace. Enjoy Turkish delight and pastries in the comfort of sultana's apartments. With the awesome Spectra Ambrézia.

Princess of Persia

July 2017

Spectra Ambrézia perfectly incarnate this incredible Princess of Persia. Proud, rebellious and strong, she is a true sabers dancer.

Queen Pendragon

January 2017

In misty smoke, you will meet magnificent Ondine RT artistique, as the Pendragon's Queen wearing a golden armor dress and her sword !

Magic Spell

October 2016

Time for learning new magic spells ! With Jennifer Groët dressed as a pretty witch and her accessories worthy the best schools of magic ...

Into the Wild

September 2016

In the wildest forest, the fearless Jadwina Wig is not afraid to handle the sword through the ferns and the mysterious blue smokes ...

Dragon Quest

August 2016

Are you ready for the Dragon Quest ? Go and join the sublime Jadwina Wig proudly wearing an armor made of silver scales and shiny blue stones

The depths of time

June 2016

Travel back in time and do not be afraid to meet Cassandre, this seductive shaman from the depths of time. Her prehistoric magic will amaze you !


March 2016

Jadmina Wig is the perfect embodiment of the medieval warrior. With her armor that one would believe coming from an epic story, she is beautiful and rebellious in the same time.

Once upon a time ... DonkeySkin

December 2015

Once upon a time ... we decided to pay tribute to popular Charles Perrault's Fairytale .... with this young Donkey Skin, dressed in a simple maid and covered with the animal skin.

The Lady of the Lake

September 2015

An excursion in the nature to meet this legendary lady straight out of Arthurian legends. Ewenae poses graciously in the quiet water, reminding us of the mythical stories about Avalon.


July 2015

How to introduce TElombre ? A model who dons unlikely roles with incredible naturalness ... That's why wearing this dragon armor was child's play for this charismatic performer.

Oriental Prince / Pharaoh

July 2015

Not common having opportunity to collaborate with model as Al Kymaris. His presence was ideal to bring mythological theme to life, transporting us into mysteries of ancient worlds.

Back to the Camelot's Castle

March 2015

An unexpected visit into the most beautiful french medieval castles ... there, you will maybe recognize Aria Aslinn as the majestic Queen Genever in this authentic place of legend.

Avalon's Kingdom

March 2015

Come deep into the mists of Avalon's Kingdom ... A marvelously dressed warrior will be waiting for you, armed with strong sword. Are you ready for this epic journey with Flora Faenix ?

Metamorphosis - Ecletic Magazine

September 2014

How does work a professional photo shooting destined to a fashion magazine ? Discover behind the scenes of this session and admire all these talented artists and craftsmen at work.


March 2012

If you have always dreamed of traveling in the elves's land, this is the opportunity to realize your wish. In fairyland kingdom, you will meet Psyché Ophiuchus, the woodland nymph ...

Poète Maudit

September 2011

In his dark victorian-style cabinet, Gemma, the "poète maudit" is looking for inspiration to write his story fullfiled with gothic visions ... unless this poet is overrun by melancholic "spleen" ?

Queen Akasha

February 2011

If we refer to fantastic literature, she is the oldest vampire ever existing on this earth. But also a haughty Queen from depths of time. Scarlett River perfectly embodies this legendary creature.

Vanity of vanities

December 2010

Vanity of vanities. All is vanity ! How to realize a fashion shooting on that gothic theme ? Discover how the whole team has come together to create a "Memento Mori" inspired theme with Aurore Petite Sukub.

The Witch Forest

July 2010

Far away, in the depths of obscure woods, lives Psyché Ophiuchus, the priestess of Nature full of mystical powers ... Few have had the chance to see her, because she prefers the quiet world of night.