Once upon a time, A MON SEUL DÉSIR, a little online shopping website, specialized in one-of-a-kind and very limited editions jewelry. Elven, fairy, medieval, gothic, steampunk inspired accessories ( and much more ... )

Originally founded in 2008, we already offered you jewels presented with fancy medieval illuminations and antique parchments. Back then our home page looked like this :

la page d'accueil du site  amonseuldesir.net en 2008

But to remain fashionable after this last decade and adapt to new technology, the store had to begin its metamorphosis and reinvent itself. That's why, we are delighted to welcome you in this "brand new" website, whose new design is now compatible with your mobiles, smartphones and tablets. Nevertheless, our vocation has not changed as it's always to offer you original and unusual jewelry !

As true lovers of fantasy and fairytales with  (as who would say) "solid" references ...

Inspirations Médiéval Fantastique Fantasy         Films Livres Beaux Arts

It is also a little of that "magic" that we hope to distill through the universe of this small online store